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dolphin watching tours

dolphin watching tours

Come experience the beauty of dolphins in their natural habitat on our Dolphin Watching Trips! This tour, which runs from May to September, provides you with the opportunity to observe these majestic creatures up close in their own environment. 
Although sightings are not guaranteed, our experienced crew maximize the chances of seeing dolphins by taking you to areas that are known to be frequented by these energetic marine mammals and where they can be observed in their natural environment more often than not.
This trip will take approximately one hour and leaves from St. Thomas Bay. Our Dolphin Watching Tours are designed to ensure the dolphins remain undisturbed, following strict rules as advised by experts. As we respect the laws protecting wild animals, we promise to treat the dolphins with utmost respect as we observe them in their natural habitat.


6 person boat €120 
10 person boat €170 


1 hour duration

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